Piggy Pit Cookers

36”x48” $2395

36”x48” w/double burners $2795

36"x48" Wood or Charcoal $2895

36”x60” $2595

36”x60” w/double burners $3095

36"x60" Wood or Charcoal $3195

All of our cookers are titled and built to Federal Highway Safety Standards!

Easy Opening Hood Lift Supports

Stainless Front Shelf

2 - 20 lb. Propane Tanks holders

3" Dial Temperature Gauge

High Pressure Adjustable Regulator With Gauge

Swivel Front Jack Wheel

4.80" x 12" Tire & Wheel Combo

Tail Light Kit with Marking Lights

2" Ball Coupler With Safety Chains

Chassis System With Springs For Smooth Riding

BBQ Black 1200 Degree Paint

High pressure adjustable regulator

Gas safety shutoff devices

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